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A great website features content customers are actually searching for with load times that'll make Google proud. Unfortunately, not all web developers share these goals, leaving many websites riddled with lost opportunities. Rest assured, all of our client's websites are Rank Ready™ certified and feature:
Content inspired by customer search data
Fast Google PageSpeed scores
Fully SEO optimized web pages
Modern mobile responsive designs

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5 out of 5
Incredible company. Caleb and Tyler are professional, insightful, and forward-thinkers. They re-built our website and provided the marketing consultation we needed to gain clientele. We are struggling to handle the amount of business we have now. I can't recommend them enough.
Changing Lives Group HR
Professional and attentive. Great work!
Charles Brown
As a physician of 31 years looking to evolve my practice I needed what every business owner is looking for. A digital presence with built in value. You will be hard pressed to find anyone better than Point Blank Brands. Caleb has done an excellent job putting together the future of our business. Caleb has gone far above and beyond, doing the research to position our business and brand on a solid foundation for the future. This is not an easy task, once you consider the shifting sands of health care, especially in the last two years. I can with confidence tell you that working with and trusting Point Blank Brands with your businesses future is an investment you will never regret. They deliver.
Michael Courville
Great website built for Courville Architects. See for yourself...

Affordable Website Services

Get personalized website solutions right-sized for your organization. Whether you need to design & develop an entirely new website or are just seeking ongoing hosting & technical support, Point Blank can help your business achieve its goals.

Landing Page 

Perfect for small businesses looking to establish a digital presence. 
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Custom Designed Landing Page w/ Lead Capturing 
Thoughtfully Written & Customer-Centric Content 
Fully Optimized w/ Fast Load Times & Best SEO Practices
Optional Logo Design & Branding Services 


Ideal for companies who want to expand their digital reach. 
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5 Custom Designed Webpages w/ Lead Capturing 
Custom Designed Blog Template w/ Blog Archive Page 
Thoughtfully Written & Customer-Centric Content 
Fully Optimized w/ Fast Load Times & Best SEO Practices
Optional Logo Design & Branding Services 
Additional Webpages (Optional) 

Hosting &

Recommended for organizations that need on-going website support. 
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High-Speed Website Hosting
Lightning-Fast Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Advanced Backend Website Security 
Regular Website Security Updates
Free SSL Certificate
Free Troubleshooting & Site Fixes if Down
Optional On-going Design & Development Services 

Frequently Asked Questions

Given that website projects can vary substantially in both size and complexity, it is hard to provide a definite lead time without gathering additional details. Standard website builds that have all the information and files ready to go typically take 2-4 weeks to complete. To get a more accurate lead time for your project, feel free to reach out via our inquiry form below.
Yes. If you like your website and only wish to improve its performance metrics, our team can rebuild a one-to-one copy of your existing site using our code-efficient platform, Oxygen Builder. This process will undoubtedly net improvements to your Google PageSpeed scores, making your website more competitive for the top spots on desired search results.
Our Rank Ready certification is a compiled set of standards that ensure your website is ready to compete for a top spot on popular search results. The certification primarily focuses on generating high-quality and relevant content on a website that meets the performance standards set forth by Google. This certification is limited in scope to the core content of your website and does not cover off-site SEO practices or ongoing SEO services like content marketing. This certification does however ensure your business will have a rock-solid foundation for all of your future marketing endeavors, giving you an edge over the competition which often ignores metrics like Google PageSpeed scores.
Google PageSpeed scoring is a website quality signal for Google's search engine algorithm. The scoring primarily focuses on  metrics that directly effect a users experience when visiting a website. In an effort to deliver the best search results for their customers, Google has incorporated this scoring signal as a vital part of the search engine's overall ranking system. Although, Google PageSpeed scores are not the only factor in Google's complex search engine algorithm, it has repeatedly been referenced as a foundational one that should not be ignored or taken lightly. You can check your or your competitors Google PageSpeed scores using Google's free online tool.
For most clients, we strongly recommend they host their website with us for multiple reasons. In order to obtain desirable Google PageSpeed scores, a signal integral to how Google organically ranks websites, you need to have fast website hosting to prevent slow or highly variable server response times. Our websites are hosted with WPX, one of the fastest website hosting platforms around and, the best part is, we do not upcharge beyond the standard monthly rate if you were to host there yourself. We do bundle our hosting with a small website maintenance retainer,  which is of great value for our clients that lack a technical team internally. Hosting the website on our servers also makes regular website maintenance much more manageable and reduces our response time should you need our assistance.
Yes we do. Please reach out for more information. 

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Start Your Website Build Today

Get a free consultation along with a personalized quote.

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