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We're A Results-Driven Team Bent On Growing Your Business


Nothing we do is mystery nor magic. We want our clients to understand exactly what goes into what we do and allows us to create one lead generation machine after another.


Our work is a reflection of ourselves. For this reason, we go the extra mile to ensure our projects are done right and always meet the highest standard to deliver you the best results. 


The best marketing is a happy client. We are not here to sell you services you don't need. Our growth is rooted in strong client relationships that serve as testimony to the efficacy of our work.


Yesterday's expert is tomorrow's student. In an ever changing industry, we strive to constantly learn and adapt our services so we can continue to deliver the same great results our client love. 
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Our Story

Caleb and Tyler got their start managing internal marketing operations for growing small businesses. In these roles, both had to develop a broad set of competencies to compensate for the lack of a complete marketing department outfitted with specialized positions. In working with scaling small businesses, they quickly learned to wear many hats to juggle and coordinate marketing efforts to continually drive growth and translate the value of marketing operations to company stakeholders.

As these companies scaled, so did their needs and, like many companies, this meant turning to agencies and marketing vendors to increase their marketing output.

It didn't take Caleb or Tyler long to figure out that these business-agency relationships needed close attention in order to be healthy and effective. Setting expectations, measuring ROI, and coordinating marketing strategies were only some of the areas that needed to be executed to effectively manage the various agencies their companies relied on.

In time, they began to realize that many companies did not have a Caleb or Tyler to serve as the "quarterback" for all of their marketing endeavors. In fact, it was found that many of these companies had strained relationships with the marketing agencies they employed.

Without close management, many agencies defaulted to performing the bare minimum needed to get their retainers renewed. Communication between each business and agency was sluggish, most businesses had little to no idea of the value their marketing dollars were driving, and no one was conducting discussions on how to optimize the strategies they had in place.

Caleb and Tyler founded Point Blank in 2020 to be the exception in an industry plagued by poor relationships. By providing a proactive approach, Caleb and Tyler aim to demonstrate the true power of digital marketing by generating a consistent influx of leads and foster positive marketing relationships for businesses that have previously struggled to do so.
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