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About Us

Tyler and Caleb got their start managing internal marketing operations for small and medium-sized businesses. In assuming these roles, both had to develop a broad set of competencies to compensate for the lack of a full marketing department with specialized positions.   

As these companies grew, so did their needs and, like many companies, this meant turning to agencies to increase their marketing output. 

It didn't take Tyler or Caleb long to figure out that these business-agency relationships needed close attention in order to be healthy and effective. Setting expectations, measuring ROI, and coordinating marketing strategies were only some of the areas that needed to be executed to effectively manage the various agencies their companies relied on.        

In time, they began to realize that many companies did not have a Tyler or Caleb to serve as the "quarterback" for all of their marketing endeavors. In fact, it was found that many of these companies had strained relationships with the marketing agencies they employed. Without close management, many agencies defaulted to performing the bare minimum needed to get their retainers renewed. Communication between each business and agency was sluggish, most businesses had little to no idea of the value their marketing dollars were driving, and no one was conducting discussions on how to optimize the strategies they had in place.

Tyler and Caleb founded Point Blank to bridge the gap between businesses and marketing agencies by providing the same value they provided the companies they got their start with. Whether it's training business owners on how to manage agency relationships or managing the marketing operations themselves, Tyler and Caleb want to help businesses know what they are paying for, measure their marketing ROI, and optimize their marketing strategies.
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